Infant Childcare

Our Infant Class cares for children ages two months till approximately 12 months.  We provide a nurturing environment that cares for the infants’ basic daily needs, including diapering, feeding, and napping.  The class also focuses on promoting the babies’ cognitive, physical, and social development.  Day-to-day activities expose the children to sign-language, colors & shapes, sensory & art projects, fine and gross motor develpment, reading, tummy-time, music & movement, birthday celebrations, and multicultural events.

Toddler Childcare

Our Toddler Room provides care for walking infants (around 12 to 14 months) through the age of Two. Our goal in the Toddler Room is to develop the children’s minds & bodies and foster their self-help, language, and socialization skills.  The toddlers follow a daily routine that includes playtime, circle-time, reading, art, lunch, naptime, and music & movement.  On the academic front, the kids are learning letters, numbers, colors, shapes, Spanish, and Sign-language, and undertake healthy cooking projects, sensory activities, birthday celebrations, holidays, and multicultural activities.

Two’s Class

Our Two’s Class cares for younger Two year-olds.  Our goal in this class is to get the kids ready for their new role as preschoolers.  In addition to its diverse academic curriculum, the primary focus of the class is to foster the children’s self-help skills and independence, including potty-training, feeding oneself, following directions, drinking from a cup, sharing, cleaning-up, and using their words to fulfill their needs.

Three's Class

Our Three’s Class continues developing the children’s self-help and social skills while introducing more academics to the classroom.  The children begin recognizing, writing, and pronouncing each letter of the alphabet using the Zoophonics© program.  They also learn to recognize, write, and count the number 1 through 10.  In addition to their ABCs, we involve them in daily reading, art, music & movement, Spanish, and playtime.  Throughout the month, the children engage in STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math) projects and also dive into a monthly theme, such as dinosaurs, outer space, or the human body.  Additionally, birthday parties, holidays, and multicultural activities are celebrated throughout each month.

Jr. Pre-Kindergarten Class

Our Jr. PreK Class cares for older Three’s and young Four year olds.  The class promotes skills needed to succeed & thrive in PreKindergarten and beyond, including listening, expanding ones’ attention span, cooperating with friends, being a helper, and mastering small motor skills such as cutting with scissors and holding a pencil correctly.  Academically, the children work on writing and identifying their first and last name, writing and pronouncing all uppercase letters, writing and identifying the numbers 1 through 20, and counting till 30.  Throughout the month, the children engage in STEAM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Math) also dive into a monthly theme (ex. dinosaurs) that they study in detail.  Additionally, birthday parties, holidays, and multicultural activities are celebrated throughout each month.

Pre-Kindergarten Class

Our PreKindergarten class fosters academic, social, and emotional growth, to ensure that graduating students meet or exceed both public and private school admission requirements for Kindergarten, and have a sense of confidence when they begin their academic adventure outside of Future Stars Academy.  The class also promotes independence, team-work, problem solving skills, improved attention span, and following multiple directions.  Academically, the children learn to identify, sound-out, and write the entire alphabet (lower & uppercase); identify, write, and count from 1 to 100; learn simple addition and subtraction; practice sequencing & patterns; and recognize beginning, middle, and ending sounds in small words.  Throughout the month, the children work extensively on STEAM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Math) projects.  Birthday parties, holidays, and multicultural activities are celebrated throughout each month.