Our Philosophy

Our core mandate is to provide a loving, nurturing, safe and hygienic environment in which our kids can thrive.  Beyond those essentials, Future Stars Academy follows a developmental philosophy, giving the children age-appropriate education, play, and social interaction with their peers.  We also strongly promote and value self-reliance, team-work, kindergarten readiness, healthy eating, and multiculturalism.   Finally, we want to instill in each child both a sense of confidence in themselves, as well as an awareness of the community that we live in, our environment, our history, and the world at large.

Our Story

We’re Marina and Irene–sisters and co-owners of Future Stars Academy.  A little bit about us. Marina got her Bachelor’s degree from Columbia University in New York, then got a Masters from Columbia in international studies.  She went on to work in corporate finance.  Irene got her Bachelor’s degree in child psychology from the University of Massachusetts and moved onto a career in childcare and education.  Then in 2003, we joined forces to open the first Future Stars Academy site.  We then opened a second childcare center in 2007, and another one in 2009.  We wanted to work together and create an amazing childcare center that incorporates our passions and values.  Our goal was to foster an environment where we could raise our own children and make a positive impact in the lives of many other children.  Since 2003 we have had the privilege and joy of watching hundreds of kids thrive, blossom, and graduate from our centers.

Our Director

Ms. Sarah has close to a decade of experience in the preschool industry.  Ms. Sarah has been with the school through the years as a teacher, and now our Director. Ms. Sarah has boundless energy, humor, and experience with children and childcare. She loves watching Future Stars kids learn and grow, and is fiercely loving, protective, and nurturing of the children. She also has a very close relationship with Future Stars parents, making sure on a daily basis that parents’ needs and expectations are always exceeded.

Our Staff

At Future Stars we do our utmost to recruit and retain the best teachers in the childcare industry.  We work hard to maintain an exceptionally low staff turnover ratio–with most of our teachers on-staff from five to ten-or more years.  Our teachers are energetic, creative, loving, humorous, and fun.  We also strive to exceed California guidelines for staffing by ensuring that each teacher has the educational qualifications to be considered a Lead Teacher.  All the teachers on staff are fingerprint cleared, CPR certified, and have the required health clearances to work around children.